Our Story

Harbourside Fish and Chips originally opened in the 1970s but more recently there have been significant upgrades. In the last 3 years, cooking equipment upgrades, the recruitment of more skilled staff and a revamp of the restaurant area have allowed for even more care and attention to be placed on each individual customer and their needs. All of this comes together to make the Harbourside experience one not to forget, and we will continue to do everything we can to maintain and improve this very high quality.

Harbourside is proud to be awarded with the "healthy eating award" for 2016 in the National Fish & Chip Awards. We already boast a 5-star hygiene rating and we are a Blue Fish restaurant with 'fish2fork' for sustainability efforts.


The restaurant has also attained the 5-star quality award. The award aims to find those shops throughout the UK that give their customers the BEST QUALITY fish and chips, assessing them against a quality benchmark. Where you see the quality award logo you can buy in confidence.


In 2013 Harbourside became accredited with Investors in People. After a thorough assessment process it was confirmed that Harbourside is a business that values its workers and helps to further the careers and skills of its staff.

They say ‘Investors in People specialises in transforming business performance through people. Our mission is to help you achieve the results you want by focusing all our work on your business objectives, and acting as a critical friend so that you maintain continuous improvement.’

We feel particularly thankful for the successes we have had over the past couple of years. We appreciate fully the fact that others may not always be so fortunate, so we aim to provide support where we can towards national and local charities.


St Luke’s Hospice provides end-of-life care at home, in hospitals and hospices for Plymouth, East Cornwall and West Devon. Harbourside has supported St Luke’s since a family bereavement in 2011 where the hospice provided wonderful care and were incredibly supportive.

We held a very successful charity day in June 2012 where we had the shop decorated with the well-recognised St Luke’s 'orange and whites'. Customers enjoyed raffles, face painting and we donated a percentage of our fish sales to the charity!



Help for Heroes gives practical, direct support to our current wounded troops and provides ongoing help after their retirement. Plymouth has massive links to the Armed Forces with the naval base and the stationing of thousands of troops. Many of people who live in Plymouth hold ties to the Armed Forces such as our manager Tom; he wouldn’t work here if his family hadn’t moved here years ago!

We have a collection tin on the front counter and in 2014 we held a special fundraiser on National Armed Forces day to showcase our support.



The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the voice for everyone who loves the sea. We work to secure a future for our living seas, and to save our threatened sea life before it is lost forever.

Two of our staff have personal memberships with the Society and the shop is currently exploring the possibility of corporate membership. We feel the more support from those whose livelihoods depend on our oceans, like ourselves, the more we can encourage others to get on board! We provide the Good Fish Guides for customers to take away and read. These educate on what species of fish we should all be eating and those we should most definitely be avoiding!



They say ‘The MSC runs an exciting and ambitious program, working with partners to transform the world’s seafood markets and promote sustainable fishing practices. Our vision is for the world’s oceans to be teeming with life, and seafood supplies safeguarded for this and future generations.’

Harbourside was Plymouth’s first MSC certified fish and chip shop and we continue, with pride, to maintain the high levels and commitment we have set. All of our fish is certified from responsible and sustainable sources. With no fish left to sell, we’d be out of business but more importantly our future generations would not get to enjoy the wealth of our oceans that we do. Plymouth is becoming highly recommended on the sustainable seafood list and we hope our reputation of driving this forward helps spread to other businesses and into people’s homes.



The Legion created the Poppy Appeal to help those returning from the First World War. They’re still helping today’s Armed Forces families in much the same way, whether coping with bereavement, living with disability, or finding employment.

With 2014 marking the 100 year anniversary of the First World War we are hoping to collect a substantial donation for the legion. We are planning on marking Remembrance Sunday by making a special donation to the charity on the day!



The Fishermen’s Mission provide emergency support and practical care to fishermen and their families. As a country we love our seafood but sometimes we don’t fully understand the dangerous and potentially life-threatening jobs that those who provide it for us have. The Fishermen’s Mission help provide life jackets and safety equipment to fishermen who otherwise couldn’t afford it, as well as support for their families back home on land.

We always take part in The Mission’s national fundraising event ‘Fish Friday’. It’s very well supported countrywide with even Tesco getting involved. We also donate £1, half the cost, of our ‘Harbourside Heat Bags’. We have a collection tin on the front counter - his name is Albert!


At Harbourside our mission is to provide good quality food using the finest & healthiest ingredients we can find.


Battered: As a traditional fish & chip shop we will continue to deep fry our lightly battered crispy fish. We use High Oleic Sunflower Oil which is the healthiest oil on the market for Fish & Chip shops to use. It is also a very green oil because it is pure, plant oil from sustainable sources and it is so rugged it tends to be topped up rather than recycled.

Grilled or pan fried: We will be offering grilled or pan-fried fish as a healthier alternative to the deep fried favourite. This will see the introduction of a more varied menu in terms of species of fish! Those with a mind on the environment do not fear, our stringent sourcing policy will ensure we only use responsibly sourced fish!


Obesity and diabetes are currently two of the largest causes of preventable deaths in the UK. Obesity is an epidemic that is showing no signs of slowing. At Harbourside we have decided that if all food businesses do not start to do their bit in offering healthier alternative then we will be facing a nationwide crisis.

The common myth surrounding the fish and chip industry is one of dirty oil producing deep fried, calorie rich, high carbohydrate meals. After having our fish, chips and peas tested the results show quite otherwise:


We can see that in comparison to other high street takeaways, fish and chips compares very favourably. Not to mention we use only natural ingredients. Fresh fish from sustainable water, the season’s best hand-selected potatoes chipped daily and homemade mushy peas with no added ingredients.

We never try to hide what we are doing and are very approachable and are now looking at taking this further.


The calorie count of an average portion of fish & chips is in the region of 861 calories, and according to the British Nutrition Foundation, taking information from the UK Department of Health, estimated average requirements (EAR), for men and women is that men (aged between 19-50 years) can consume up to 2,550 calories on a daily basis, and women (aged between 19-50 years) can consume up 1,940 calories.

Thus ensuring that if eaten as part of a balanced and controlled diet, you can continue to enjoy fish and chips as a regular mealtime option.


Fried: We currently use a chip that is cut 14mm×17mm. Figures have proven this is the healthiest size cut (less fat and calories) as it absorbs the least amount of oil. It also has a shorter cook time.


We serve a fresh daily salad so why not try one as an alternative to chips?


Baked potatoes have considerably less calorific value than chips. It is however the fat content which differs the most with the jacket typically having one quarter of the fat as a portion of chips!


We will be offering LoSalt to customers as an alternative. It aims at increasing the potassium in the diet but reducing sodium.


~ Award ~


In January 2014 Harbourside picked up two awards at the National Fish and Chip Awards 2014. The Staff Training and Development Award and our manager Tom Hughes became the best young male fryer in the UK.

The staff training and development award really rewards the time and effort we put into staff training. With every member of the current staffing team studying and apprenticeship in different areas of the industry it is really no surprise. You can feel safe that your food is being cooked and handled by the best!

In 2016 Harbourside won the Healthy Eating Award and were named the Healthier Fish and Chip Shop in the UK. Harbourside have worked hard to provide their customers with the Healthiest Fish and Chips they can using thicker chips and a thinner batter. They also offer smaller light bite options and grilled fish.

This year Andy narrowly missed out on winning the Young Fish Fryer of the Year 2017 placing top 5 in the UK. After a gruelling year-long process where he had numerous interviews, cooked for some of the industry's greats and was observed working in the shop we are very proud of his wonderful achievement. Come in and grab a bite of his success!


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