Let’s join together to save our oceans

Here at Harbourside we like to do our part to support the environment. There is so much in the news lately of the war against plastic and how our oceans and their inhabitants are being impacted as a result, it really is a hot topic and one that each of us need to stand up and listen to.

At Harbourside we try to ensure we are using environmentally friendly products where we can. 
We serve our food in recyclable cardboard boxes and boat trays, we have made the switch to paper straws away from plastic, and we serve our hot drinks in paper cups to be recycled.

And do you know we use a specialised bin service called Alpha Logic Bin services. Alpha Logic is an independent waste management company that helps organisations across Plymouth, Devon and the South West to transform how they dispose of their waste. They specialise in minimising our environmental impact with our waste. For example our food waste is transported to Langage Farm’s anaerobic digester where it is broken down by bacteria to create methane gas. This is then used to run the engine of one of the farm’s electrical generators, as an eco-power source, with the remainder being directed to the National Grid. Amazing right?

So the question remains, what one change can you start making today to help our environment? If we each make changes, slowly but surely we can help save and restore our beautiful planet and oceans to their original glory 🌎

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